Friday, 30 December 2016

2017 resolutions we'd like to see

As we count down the hours that scratch 2016 and march into 2017, let's change it up a bit.  People could stop scrambling to promise new year's resolutions that end up ignored by the end of January.  

We've decided to help 13 renowned 2016 news makers with some suggestions of our own (in no particular order).  

Donald Trump:
Zero offensive tweets. 
Trump was elected President of the United States. That is reason enough to consider setting a more positive example and stop posting controversial tweets.

Justin Bieber:
Quit partying. 
Time to grow up.  With over 9 million Twitter followers, Justin could use his fame to greater purpose.

Leonardo Dicaprio:
Go to school.
Leo's head and heart may be in the right place while he continues to blunder with the facts.  We'd like Leo to get an environmental science degree.   By being better educated, his credibility could rise and all the outrageous statements eliminated.

Kim Jung Un:
Become a humanitarian.
Kim demonstrates where power is destructive. Instead, he would leverage his "energy" towards the greater good of his people first, the world second.

Creepy Clowns:
Get a face lift.
Enough already of being a menace. Have an about face by being fun, joyful, humorous and invoke laughter like you were meant to do.

Zika Virus:
Control Aedes mosquitoes 
One of the biggest stories of 2016 was the spread of the zika virus in central America.  This is one bite that needs to be jaw locked.

A leadership change.
It would be nice to see a new leader rise up who outlaws violence, terrorism and killing of any kind. This new leadership would be all about peace, harmony and inspiring a spiritual revolution.

Niantic, Inc.
Create education app.
The creators of Pokemon Go would donate its profits to aide world wide education.  This free popular app would become as widespread to make learning hip, happening and accessible instead.

Vladimir Putin
Win a Nobel Peace prize.
After all the controversy in 2016 surrounding the Russian Federation, namely hacking and claims of tampering with the US Election and athletes banned from attending Rio's Olympics, Putin could change it up to improve his and his country's reputation.

Hillary Clinton
Win something.
We hope that Hillary will win a lottery and donate it to campaign manager Bernie Sanders candidate's 2020 Presidential Election fund instead of the Clinton Foundation.

Release data-less smartphone.
The innovators of  must-have technology from the past several years would create a smartphone that doesn't need data from mobility providers lapping up profits.  This would take the byte out of GIGAntic data fees. 

David Suzuki
Now that Dicaprio is the self-anointed champion of the environment and anti-pipeline crusader, the 80 year-old Canadian can relax and write his memoir.

Have more fun.
Minions just wanna have fun.  Since these fun critters jumped on to the scene in 2015, they've been symbolic of fun, mayhem and mischief.   It is always a great thing to have more to smile about.

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