Sunday, 25 December 2016

it IS a wonderful life!

all the many things that 2016 hold memories dear for you.  Manifest a positive outlook by only thinking of the wonderful life you have.  Be thankful for what you have, not what you want.  Want is a waste of energy, thought, brain power or willpower.  

Be satisfied
with who you are.  If you think you need a tweak here or there, then go for it.  But please be realistic.  If you are 5'10" you are not going to become 6'2" unless in your dreams.  Wouldn't it be more enjoyable, doing, enjoying, being in real things.

Day dreams
are day dreams.  They allow ideas to float within your inner and outer consciousness.  Where only the best are captured like feathers, floating softly into the palm of your hand.

are for those wishing to acknowledge failure.  Instead, celebrate what great qualities you have.  We seldom take a deep look within to examine NOW whether we are living the life we believe we deserve or getting off our tuffs and making those possibilities a done deal.  Materialized.  Realized.  

Life is worth living
for the living.  Hiding behind a fear or excuse, no matter what degree need to be trampled on or buried.  Strive to be the main character in a life worth being the artist, the script, director, media, producer, set designer all bundled as one.

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