Monday, 2 January 2017

Best quotes to fast forward iii

Keep up the good works you do.  That is plural, as in what you do, not what you do to earn a living.  Focus on what you want to define you.  Surround yourself with sources, resources, advocates, supporters, promoters.  

Be wary of leeches, scumbags, warlords, violent tendencies gurgling beneath the surface of those who fool you or befriend you with their own hidden agenda waiting to grasp onto you.

The Editorial Page was created to offer a forum for editorial types and typees who have opinions that matter because, it is their own unique opinion, AND they matter, so do their ideals, inspirations and gifts.  

They may be recognizable online or in traditional media, but they have a safe haven to write about what matters to them.  There is no compensation for any expression, it can be anonymous (but why be so?), or it is simply a matter near and dear to your heart, soul and moral compass.

You deserve to be heard.  Moreover, we deserve to read your voice, your opinion ... that has not been bought or sold.  This site will not be monetized.  That would dishonor the transparent intent of creating a forum under the banner of a blog to express yourself.

If you are an amateur (i.e. not getting paid to write or rewarded in kind [ambassador, brand ambassador, gifted, tripped, flown, put up, served in any way as a means of exchange for written content included].  

If you are a writer or blogger and want to play with the big boys and girls of editorial, this is your playground.  Let your mental voice be exposed by words.

Content will be curated that is not PG inspired, corny humor allowed for the serious minded as a means to exhaust the trial you would perhaps avoid, to threaten your income or reputation.  

Step outside your comfort zone.  Let the freedom flow from your finger tips to your keyboard, bouncing between your brain and your heart in a balanced, even way.  That once expressed, will release a pressure that evaporates the things that bug you.  Gone.  Gonzo.  Poof.

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